F.D.M.T. Fire Police

From traffic control to crowd control, Fire Police play a critical role in the fire service. Learn more about them here!


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F.D.M.T. Fire Police

Fire Police Captain / FP 18-1 - Vacant

Lieutenant / FP 18-2 - Bill Adams

Bill joined the fire service in September 2005 as a Fire Police Officer.  He holds various fire police certifications.  Since joining F.D.M.T. Bill became a Lieutenant in the Fire Police Unit and is an active member of the fire department.  Bill currently works as a property manager and handles all  operational building emergencies.  Before joining F.D.M.T. Bill volunteered his time at the Red Cross Disaster Relief program.  During his free time, Bill enjoys spending time with his family.


2nd Lieutenant /FP 18-3 - Michael Goldberg

Michael joined the fire service in May 2013 as a Fire Police Officer.  He holds various fire police certifications in addition to Pump 1 & 2.  Since joining F.D.M.T. Michael became a Lieutenant in the Fire Police Unit and is an active member of the fire department currently serving as the financial secretary and chairperson of Ways & Means.  Michael works as a computer systems and facilities manager responsible for various properties in the Greater Philadelphia Region. During his free time, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and dog.


FP 18-4 - Maryanne Mogensen
FP 18-5 - Greg Fitzgerald
FP 18-6 - Joel Silver
FP 18-7 - Stacy Bailey
FP 18-8 - Bud Rhoads
FP 18-9 - Tim Johnson
FP 18-10 - Robert Gruber
FP 18-11- Mitchell Barrer
FP 18-12 - Bill Tuttle


Mission Statement:

Special Fire Police Officers of the Fire Department of Montgomery Township will, in an emergency, or as directed by proper authority, perform crowd and traffic control and security functions. Above all, like all other fire company members, their job is to protect and preserve life and property.

The Who, What and Whys of a Fire Police Officer

Fire Police Officers must take an oath of office, be sworn in by a Judge or Justice of the Peace, and be registered with their Townships.  To accomplish all of this, they must complete and be certified in Fire Police operations by their county and / or state. 

The main function of a Fire Police unit within the Fire Department is to maintain the protection and safety of department personnel and vehicles while at an emergency scene. These Fire Police Officers protect the emergency personnel and also protect their vehicles and equipment from acts of harm, theft, and malicious damage.

Fire Police will try to control the actions of a crowd, and keep them at a distance for everyone's safety. Curious persons will be drawn to a fire or accident location no matter what time of day. They could become victims if exposed to the hazards from the incident.

Fire Police will control the flow of traffic to ensure emergency vehicles have a quick, safe entrance and egress to the incident.  They may halt traffic, block a road off or detour you in another direction, because of the situation and the dangers involved.  They must retain space for Mutual Aid equipment, Emergency Vehicles, and other vehicles that may be needed to relay water to the scene.

Fire Police protect the victims, their valuables and property and preserve evidence at a scene. The Fire Police may be required to stand by at the scene while the Fire Officials or Police conduct their investigations.

Fire Police are there to offer everyone the same treatment and respect as if it was you that were involved.  So please heed their direction ; they are there for a reason and know what they are doing. 

Fire Police play an essential role in the fire service.




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